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Financial Accounting 10th Edition is a comprehensive, introductory description of the process, practice, and purpose of international contemporary financial accounting displayed in an Australian context. The emphasis is placed on the globalization of business, and a broad international context is presented in introductory accounting. This includes embedded rich media featuring interactive questions, demo problems, and additional rich media throughout the text. Revision modules so revision materials can be integrated to help students engage in, understand, and retain the concepts of the course. The WileyPLUS Learning Space Interactive Online Textbook is interactive, facilitates engaged learning, and is filled with rich media. Orion powers The Student Adaptive Pathway to provide instant feedback and personalized practice for the motivation and building of student’s proficiency.

The authors of the Financial Accounting 10th Edition are John Hoggett, he has 40 years’ experience as an academic, and has taught at universities in Queensland and Western Australia. He has taught postgraduate and undergraduate students accounting theory, and corporate and introductory accounting, He has written monographs and books for the Group of 100 and CPA Australia.

Dr. John Medlin is an Associate Professor in South Australia at the School of Commerce, and started his career in the early 1980’s with Ernst & Whinney. He has lectured in business finance, economics, management accounting, accounting theory, and financial accounting. The University of South Australia has presented him with teaching awards, he specializes in accounting education, and he has been published.

The Swinburne Business School’s dean is Keryn Chalmers. She has been a deputy dean, and a professor of accounting at Monash University in addition to serving as the Department of Accounting and Finance’s head. At the postgraduate and undergraduate levels, she has developed accounting-related curriculum and quality assurance. She actively researches financial reporting and financial accounting relating to disclosure choices of management and accounting policy.

Andreas Hellman serves Macquarie University as the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance’s senior lecturer. His teaching experience in postgraduate and undergraduate units is extensive. His specialty areas include international and financial accounting, critical thinking, and life-long learning. He uses a multi-disciplinary approach in providing empirical, methodological, and theoretical evidence to enhance the quality and comparability of accounting information used for making decisions. He has been published in research monographs, edited collections, and journals.

Claire Beattie lectures at the University of Southern Queensland., and worked as a management accountant in New Zealand. She has taught management and financial accounting courses at Massey University, the University of Canterbury, and the University of Melbourne. Her research includes the impact and role of management accounting and performance measurement in accounting education and non-traditional environments.

Jodie Maxfield serves James Cook University as an accounting lecturer. Her educational practice is engaging, innovative, and encompasses all years of the undergraduate accounting major. Her reputation at JCU is for learning strategies and developing teaching to enhance and engage the experience of the students. Her approach to developing digital learning objects is innovative, and she situates the learning while assisting students to achieve positive learning outcomes. She has received teaching awards from Monash University and JCU.