This is a very simple way for you to build your tests

The book is a good textbook to use in the classroom when you have many people hoping to learn the art of managing technology. This is a basic course that will cover a wide range of topics within the book, and the book provides you with all the aid that you need. Look at what the book does when you hand it out to your class and work from it every day.

The Book Covers Everything

The book covers everything, and it allows you to take your class through a full semester. You can teach from this book from one chapter to the next, and the book provides you with resources that will help you test on each chapter. You have an index in the back of the book that allows you to find any information you need, and you can use the questions at the end of each chapter to quiz your class.

The Sample Questions

The Management Information Systems, 4th Edition has sample test questions that will help you test your class on what they really need to know. This book makes it obvious to the class what they need to know, and they can use the sample questions as a way to study for the test. This is a very simple way for you to build your tests, and it prevents confusion in your class because they can see the kind of questions you would ask.

The Book Is Updated

The book has been updated to the 4th Edition because it has all the new information for the present day. This is a powerful thing because it teaches your class current content. They could see if the book was not updated for modern times, and that is why it is important for you to use this updated version in a class where your students can look up current information online if they have questions.


There are many people who will find that they can easily teach a course in management and information systems using just one book. This book is very simple to use in class, and it gives you all the test questions that you need when you are trying to measure what your class has gained from the book. The index also helps your class look up information when they havebeen tasked with writing essays or answering essay questions.