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The book is a good textbook to use in the classroom when you have many people hoping to learn the art of managing technology. This is a basic course that will cover a wide range of topics within the book, and the book provides you with all the aid that you need. Look at what the book does when you hand it out to your class and work from it every day.

The Book Covers Everything

The book covers everything, and it allows you to take your class through a full semester. You can teach from this book from one chapter to the next, and the book provides you with resources that will help you test on each chapter. You have an index in the back of the book that allows you to find any information you need, and you can use the questions at the end of each chapter to quiz your class. read more

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Financial Accounting 10th Edition is a comprehensive, introductory description of the process, practice, and purpose of international contemporary financial accounting displayed in an Australian context. The emphasis is placed on the globalization of business, and a broad international context is presented in introductory accounting. This includes embedded rich media featuring interactive questions, demo problems, and additional rich media throughout the text. Revision modules so revision materials can be integrated to help students engage in, understand, and retain the concepts of the course. The WileyPLUS Learning Space Interactive Online Textbook is interactive, facilitates engaged learning, and is filled with rich media. Orion powers The Student Adaptive Pathway to provide instant feedback and personalized practice for the motivation and building of student’s proficiency. read more

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